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Using a variety of tropical hardwoods, such as Teakwood, Meranti or Shorea and finished with specially formulated outdoor paints, this line offers a look as colorful and as elegant as the French region after which it is named. For more details, please refer to the "About Provence" and "Finishes" tabs.

Painted Hardwood

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About Provence

Construction: Construction starts with the careful selection of timber. Our high quality timber is obtained from government regulated plantations. It is then carefully kiln-dried to 10% moisture content. After handcrafting every component of an item, the pieces are assembled using mortise and tenon joinery to ensure durability. Only solid brass hardware is used. All our furniture is built oversize to provide maximum comfort and elegance. The next step is an extensive sanding process and spray painting by our expert painters. Finally, we perform rigid quality control inspections before each piece is packaged and readied for shipment.

Finish options: We offer six different paint options for this line, all with water-based marine grade paints that contain no lead or other harmful chemicals.

Care of your items

The paints used for this line are suitable for extended outdoor use and are guaranteed against bubbling or peeling. However depending on exposure to the sun and rain, the color will fade with time. To restore the beauty of your items, any exterior water-based paint can be applied following the manufacturer's instructions.

Expected wear

Your furniture will age gracefully with some minor shrinkage and occasional small surface or paint cracks caused by the expansion and contraction of the wood. As nature transforms the appearance of your furniture into elegant time-seasoned pieces, you can be assured that its structure will be intact for many years to come.

The paints that we apply to the surface of our items are high-grade coatings specially formulated for outdoor furniture. However despite all the protective measures, the elements will eventually degrade the coating of your furniture at a rate dependent on exposure. You can prolong the life of your furniture and the finish on it by keeping it in a sheltered location or protected with commercially available covers when not being used for long periods of time. It will also be wise to keep your furniture away from overexposure to direct sun or moisture.